Tom Yum Gai (Chicken Soup)

*This is a traditional house soup within Thai culture.
You can serve it with noodles or white rice.
Also, great for the common cold due to the ginger and lemongrass.

Items Needed:
Large pot / Chicken broth / Water / Ground Chicken or Shredded or Chicken Pieces / Bean Thread Noodles or Rice / Thai Chili Paste with Garlic / Optional Thai Peppers / Green Onions or Shallots / Cilantro / Ginger Root / Lemongrass / Lime Juice / Fish Sauce

Feeds about 6-8 people

Boil 1 cup water and 3 cups chicken broth with 1 large ginger root and a few stalks of lemongrass.  Then add chopped green onions or shallots, chopped cilantro, Thai chili peppers or Thai Chili paste with garlic (*I add at least 3 tablespoons because I like it to be very spicy.) Cook the ground chicken separately and then added it to the soup.  Add 1 lime (juice only.) Finish it off with fish sauce, add at least 1/4 cup of this, you can add more as you go.  (I tend to add more of each ingredient to enrich the flavors.)  Cook the noodles separately as well, these noodles will not take long to cook, about 5 minutes after the water is to a boil.  Usually these noodles are packed in portions. I make about 4 portions. 

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