Teriyaki Finger Ribs

*I am not giving up any of my recipes for collard greens!

Items Needed
Fry Pan (*you could use the oven but, I prefer the pan to fully cook the meat) / Teriyaki Marinade / Turmeric / Seasoned Salt / Cayenne Pepper (optional) / Garlic Powder / Ground Mustard 

Directions: You want to let the meat marinate overnight to soak in all the goodness.  With a large zip-lock bag place all the seasonings and the marinade in the bag with the ribs.  Make sure the ribs are covered in the mixture.  Let it sit overnight.  When ready, cook the meat in a pan (I did the oven once and the meat was still pink even though I had the temp on low to slow cook it thoroughly) I like the pan better and it locks the moisture better when using a lid.  Flip the ribs occasionally on medium heat.  It should take no longer than 45 minutes to 1 hour for the meat to be ready.  Sometimes, I slice up some onions and cook them in the same pan with the ribs.

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