Flavorful Salmon

Great Family Meal

Items Needed:
Salmon / Lemons / Cilantro / Lemon Pepper Seasoning / Cayenne Pepper/ Garlic Powder / Lemon Grass / Ginger Root

Heat your pan and grease with better or oil. Keep the heat on low.  Place the salmon. Season with lemon pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder.  Surround your salmon with finely sliced lemongrass and ginger root. (I purchase my lemongrass and ginger from Whole Foods)  Top the salmon with sliced lemons and chopped cilantro.  Place a cover top over the pan and let the food cook for 25-30 minutes. (I occasionally check in and scoop the drippings to glaze it over the salmon.) When done, serve with veggies and/or rice!

Fried Bananas

This is such a simple treat to make.

Items Needed: 
Unripe or Green Banana / Honey / Coconut Oil

Simmer the coconut oil in a fry pan, add the chopped banana, and drizzle some honey over.
Cook for 5 minutes and you are done! 

Serve alone or with vanilla ice cream.

Tom Yum Gai (Chicken Soup)

*This is a traditional house soup within Thai culture.
You can serve it with noodles or white rice.
Also, great for the common cold due to the ginger and lemongrass.

Items Needed:
Large pot / Chicken broth / Water / Ground Chicken or Shredded or Chicken Pieces / Bean Thread Noodles or Rice / Thai Chili Paste with Garlic / Optional Thai Peppers / Green Onions or Shallots / Cilantro / Ginger Root / Lemongrass / Lime Juice / Fish Sauce

Feeds about 6-8 people

Boil 1 cup water and 3 cups chicken broth with 1 large ginger root and a few stalks of lemongrass.  Then add chopped green onions or shallots, chopped cilantro, Thai chili peppers or Thai Chili paste with garlic (*I add at least 3 tablespoons because I like it to be very spicy.) Cook the ground chicken separately and then added it to the soup.  Add 1 lime (juice only.) Finish it off with fish sauce, add at least 1/4 cup of this, you can add more as you go.  (I tend to add more of each ingredient to enrich the flavors.)  Cook the noodles separately as well, these noodles will not take long to cook, about 5 minutes after the water is to a boil.  Usually these noodles are packed in portions. I make about 4 portions. 

Slow Cooked Chicken

Items Needed
Boneless Chicken / Broth / Onion Powder / Seasoned Salt / Jerk Seasoning / Lemon Pepper / Cayenne Pepper / Cilantro or Scallions (optional) / Crock Pot

Directions: (Very easy) Prepare the chicken with all the seasonings.  Pour a half cup of chicken broth in the crock pot and cook the meat for about 2-3 hours.  Add some cilantro or chopped scallions when finished and serve. The light gravy that is produced from the chicken will be great with rice! 

Slow Cooked Turkey Breast

Items Needed:
Slow cooker / Turkey Breast / Veggies (optional) / Rosemary (optional) / Onion soup mix / Butter/Broth (your choice flavor)

Directions: Line the cooker with butter then fill the base with cut veggies and pour in just enough broth to cover the bottom. Rub the turkey with the onion soup mix. You can let the turkey cook throughout the day while you prepare other foods. Check on it every few hours and spread the drippings over the meat.

The turkey is very juicy and tender when it's done. Can feed up to 6 people. 

For Gravy (optional):
Mushroom soup
Jerk Seasoning

Wheat Pasta & Meat Sauce

*This is not really a recipe, but rather ingredients I prefer which is slightly healthier and my kids love this dish!

Items Needed
Ground Turkey / Wheat Spaghetti / Tomato Sauce / Spinach (fresh or canned) / Cheyenne Pepper (optional) / Onion Powder / Seasoned Salt / Pepper / Diced Onions / Oregano / Diced Green Peppers / Chopped Scallions (optional) 

Directions: Cook the ground turkey in a deep pan and mix in all the seasonings.  Top it with tomato sauce.  Boil the pasta separately and mix together when done.

Smothered Pork Chops

*Personal Favorite

Items Needed
Steak Pork Chops / Jerk Seasoning / Grown Mustard / Turmeric / Cayenne Pepper / Onion Powder / Seasoned Salt / Yellow Onion / Oregano (optional) / Gravy Mix / Oven / Deep Fry Pan

Directions: Rub in all the seasoning on both side of the meat.  Place in the over for 30-40 minutes and make sure to flip the meat in between the time.  While the meat is in the oven, I begin to pan fry the chopped onions and start the gravy.  When the oven is done, place the pork chops on the pan with the onions and gravy letting the meet marinate in the mix.  Cook for about 20-30 minutes or until the gravy is thickened to your liking.

Lemon Pepper Honey Wings

*A party favorite.

Items Needed
Chicken Winglettes / Lemon Pepper / Seasoned Salt / Cayenne Pepper / Sugar / Honey / Garlic Powder / Oven

Directions: I usually pre-season the chicken and let it sit overnight but, it is not necessary.  Evenly season the meat with everything but the sugar and honey.  Place the chicken in the over for about 30-40 minutes on 360 degrees.  Once the time is up, sprinkle just a dash of sugar over the chicken and drizzled the honey on top.  Let cook for another 15 minutes and you are done!

Teriyaki Finger Ribs

*I am not giving up any of my recipes for collard greens!

Items Needed
Fry Pan (*you could use the oven but, I prefer the pan to fully cook the meat) / Teriyaki Marinade / Turmeric / Seasoned Salt / Cayenne Pepper (optional) / Garlic Powder / Ground Mustard 

Directions: You want to let the meat marinate overnight to soak in all the goodness.  With a large zip-lock bag place all the seasonings and the marinade in the bag with the ribs.  Make sure the ribs are covered in the mixture.  Let it sit overnight.  When ready, cook the meat in a pan (I did the oven once and the meat was still pink even though I had the temp on low to slow cook it thoroughly) I like the pan better and it locks the moisture better when using a lid.  Flip the ribs occasionally on medium heat.  It should take no longer than 45 minutes to 1 hour for the meat to be ready.  Sometimes, I slice up some onions and cook them in the same pan with the ribs.

Smothered Chicken

Items Needed: 
Deep Pan / Collard Greens / Yellow Onions / Scallions / Chicken / Seasoned Salt / Lemon Pepper / Ground Ginger / Cayenne Pepper / Ground Mustard / Garlic Salt / Thyme / Rice / Fresh Cilantro

Directions: I started with onions and greens as my base. Pan cooked them for about 10 minutes; add some seasoned salt and garlic salt. Then I added the chicken that was pre-seasoned with cayenne pepper, seasoned salt, and garlic salt, and thyme leaves. I let the chicken, onions, and greens cook together for about 45 mins to 1 hour. I topped on some chopped scallions; another 30-45 mins to allow all the drippings from the chicken make its own gravy. Plate with two scoops of rice, layer on the finished product and top it off with fresh cilantro.